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Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection

In theaters recently was the latest feature of the anime franchise, Dragon Ball Z. Anime fans already know Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) from the popular anime Japanese TV series that followed the huge success of the original manga series, Dragon Ball, by Akira Toriyama.

The anime series follows the adventures of Goku, who later discovers that he is part of an extraterrestrial race (the Saiyans), sent to earth to conquer the planet. Having suffered severe head trauma as a child upon arrival to earth, Goku does not recall the purpose of his mission and along with it, his Saiyan nature is lost. When his older brother, Raditz, eventually tracks him down to bring order back to the mission, Goku is faced with his own existential crisis. Deciding not to follow in the path of his original destiny, Goku turns against his brother’s desires in favor of saving earth and his earthly father and son. This leads to his death on earth and a series of turbulent after-life preparation to reclaim earth from Raditz’ reign. Goku is brought back to life on earth thanks to the Dragon Balls, Goku’s adventures on earth are brought back to life with many sci-fi twists and turns.

Several video games also exist for Dragon Ball Z, which is an alternate way fans can enjoy the hundreds of plot points. This is how I came to appreciate the story more, as I don’t have the patience it takes to follow anime and manga for hundreds of chapters on end. More recently though, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F was released in the movies. The fantastical feature is yet to receive a proper set of reviews online, but it appears that fans will be able to connect and relate to the movie through a lot of comic-familiar moments. It’s also a great alternative for those like me, who’d rather sit through things all in one go. What’s your Dragon Ball Z experience like?


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