Dragon Quest Heroes 2 PlayStation 4 vs Switch Graphics Comparison Video

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Dragon Quest Heroes 2

Here is a new video comparing the graphics of Dragon Quest Heroes 2, Nintendo switch console with the mighty PlayStation 4. This graphics comparison video is created by the team over at Digital Foundry.

Digital Foundry explains more :

For this analysis, we grabbed the Switch demo from the Japanese eShop and were delighted to find that demos with very similar content are also available for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, opening the door to some head-to-head comparisons. Alas, no PS3 demo is available, which may have given us further insight into how Switch’s presentation and performance sit between the PlayStation console generations. However, as things stand, PS4 operates at 1080p, as does Switch in docked mode (dropping down to the handheld screen’s native 720p when decoupled from your HDTV). For its part, the Vita version clocks in at the system’s native 960×544.


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