DRAGONBALL FIGHTERZ Cinematic Opening is Incredible!

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Dragonball Fighterz

Bandai Namco released a new video to make us more excited about the Dragonball Fighterz and how awesome is going to be. In the video below they show us the cinematic opening of the game.

This opening cinematic does show off more characters. Android 17 was among Android 18 and 16, he wasn’t given his own tag. This makes me think, what will the final roster actually be? I hope that he also makes it on the list because those three are like a set and comes with their own specials powers that fans would love to exploit.

They also didn’t show off the different Saiyan forms for the various characters, so the next question is – are we going to be able to transform mid-battle or will they be left on the roster like previous Dragonball games? If we can transform mid-battle, would that actually affect how hard we hit or what our moves will be?

Cinematic look great for sure, check out the video above and tell me what you think about the upcoming game.


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