DRAGONBALL FIGHTERZ Second Season Pass Brings New Characters

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With hugely successful launch year, great base character roster, many great character additions, and a completely new fighting game on the way, Bandai Namco proceeds to show that they plan to keep DragonBall FighterZ going as long as the player base drives it with another set of characters announced!

The newest characters are highlighted in the Season Pass announcement trailer and they show off some amazing skills. Both characters have more than earned a spot on the list of new character and it is great to see both of them eventually added to the game.

It’s always fabulous to see a development team staying to work on a game that their fans love and admire, bringing them new characters to get and expanding the diversity of fighting styles for players to use. A lot of times they would just move on to bigger titles, like Jump Force in this case, and only focus on iron out major bugs that spoil the experience.

They show six slots in the trailer and even reveal that they will have both Dragonball Super Broly and SSJSS Gogeta coming soon. That suggests there are two possible characters that have yet to be shown that will also be a part of the roster.


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