This is how you drink powdered alcohol

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Palcohol’s powdered alcohol had its label accidentally approved by the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, people caught wind of the new substance and its surprisingly candid website, which at the time suggested sneaking it into movie theaters and sprinkling it on food. Palcohol is now in the process of having its label instated properly, but it’s facing a far steeper uphill battle this time, fighting against big names like New York Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who called for a close examination of the product by the Food and Drug Administration.

Palcohol has since revamped its website with a more responsible version, and its CEO, Mark Phillips, has now taken to YouTube to better explain his product and attempt to correct what he believes are inaccuracies. But first, he opens with a basic overview of the product: powdered alcohol in a bag. You’re meant to pour about five ounces of water into the bag, shake it, and then drink it out of the bag. Palcohol will come in multiple flavors, so buyers could be shaking their way to their favorite cocktail.

Phillips explains that Palcohol wasn’t created for the purpose of sneaking alcohol around, but rather for convenient transportation of it. “When I hike, kayak, backpack, whatever,” he says, “I like to have a drink when I reach my destination. Carrying liquid alcohol and mixtures and bottles to make a margarita, for instance, is totally impractical. So I created Palcohol.” Read More at Verge.


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