Driveclub developer Evolution Studios has now revealed the number of cars and tracks found in the full game, as well as the discount Plus members, will be entitled to on it.

Evolution has previously described the Plus Edition as “feature-complete,” limited only by the number of tracks and cars players have access to. We now know those numbers–10 cars, 11 tracks, and one location (India)–are roughly a fifth of what’s in the full game, which contains 50 cars, 55 tracks, five locations, and 50 tour events, according to the PlayStation Blog.

The standard edition will be sold at retail and on the PlayStation Store, as you’d expect it to be. Alternatively, Plus members can elect to upgrade from the Plus Edition to a digital version of the full game for $49.99 (a $10 discount). Evolution said last year it intended to offer Plus members a discount when it launched, but after being repeatedly delayed, it became unclear if one was still planned

Following a delay last month, Driveclub is now set for release on October 7 exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

Driveclub will run in 1080p at 30fps.