Driveclub’s All New Action Packed Trailer

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Sony released a new trailer for Evolution Studios’ upcoming PlayStation 4 racing video game, DriveClub, which is out next week.

The trailer featuring all in-game footage shows off “some crazy action and racing you’ll get to experience at launch.”

“Besides sharing a new video with you, I’d also like to take this time to thank you for your amazing support and patience this year.

The Evo team has done everything possible to make your wait for DriveClub worth it, and it’s the support we get from players that really spurs us on. Keep being awesome and enjoy the game!” said Jamie Brayshaw Community Development Manager, Evolution Studios.

“DriveClub is a game to play in real clubs. It’s about friendships and rivalries and team-based racing, together in the world’s best supercars on the world’s most breath-taking roads – all rendered in cutting edge next-generation graphics.

The game links to a companion app on smartphones and tablets, where players will have ’24/7 untethered access to their club’. The app also gives you access to set up race challenges and share them into the public for players to complete, or organize huge tournaments of thousands of players.”

DriveClub will launch on October 7 in NA, October 8 in EU, and October 10, 2014, in the UK for PlayStation 4.


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