Drones Are Killing Fireworks

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Disney World

Disney World is ditching the fireworks for drones this holiday season.

On Nov. 20, Disney and Intel are launching the Starbright Holidays Drone Show, which they’re billing as the world’s largest drone LED show.

That’s right, instead of carefully-orchestrated fireworks shooting hundreds of feet into the air to create images of a flag, flower or intersecting circles, 300 Intel drones will shine 4 billion different colors in the night sky.

Intel has been testing these LED-equipped show drones since 2015, when it set a world record in Germany, flying and controlling 100 drones and even programming them to configure themselves into the Intel Logo.

The quadcopter drones have built-in GPS, which is so precise the programming now lets them fly just 1.5 meters apart. The drones have no visual sensors to note if other drones are around them, Walden said.



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