DROP DEAD: THE CABIN VR Game Announces Release Date

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Drop Dead VR

The third game in the Drop Dead VR series is almost here! This time, the game is being developed by Soul Assembly who is seeking to blend a combination of Stranger Things with Cabin in the Woods for the latest version entitled Drop Dead: The Cabin.

Players will play as two lost backpackers who stumble across a strange old deserted cabin. Taking shelter from the mysterious fog drawing in, they fire up the corroded generator, and the house lights crackle into life as they try to call for rescue. Yet they fast realize they aren’t alone, for out of the surrounding darkness appears a strange horde of monstrous proto-zombies. They have been waiting deep in the woods for fresh meat and are starving for some fresh brains!

Drop Dead: The Cabin will be getting its cooperative VR experience to the Oculus platform, compatible with the Meta Quest 2 headset, in February 2023.


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