Dual Universe is an Upcoming MMORPG Like You’ve Never Seen Before (We Hope)

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Dual Universe

An indie sandbox game set in space that encourages exploration and is essentially never-ending… haven’t we just seen that with No Man’s Sky? Rest assured, you’re not experiencing déjà vu (or a glitch in The Matrix), it’s simply that Dual Universe is similarly a first-person massive space exploration-based PC game, only one that takes cues from the likes of the aforementioned NMS, as well as EVE Online and Minecraft.

An official statement says that Dual Universe “takes place in a vast realistic universe made of millions of planets, and focuses on emergent collective gameplay based around exploration, mining, crafting, trade, politics and warfare.” Basically then, what’s being offered is the chance to potentially live out an entire virtual life in a different universe.

Like any good PR hype machine functions, lofty promises have been made for Dual Universe. Games that aim for the stars and end up closer to the top of a tree aren’t looked upon very favorably in later years, so it’s with a sack full of salt that we’ll read the assurances from developer Novaquark. Currently scheduled for December 2018, Dual Universe has been receiving a lot of buzz for one of its bold claims: that thousands upon thousands of online players can co-exist on – wait for it – One. Single. Server.

In more technical terms, the server is described as a ‘Continuous Single-Shard Cluster,’ and Novaquark has conveniently explained how it will all work in the video below (in a beautiful French accent too). Whereas PC titles like Minecraft and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have the option to use the likes of these personal gaming servers from hosting providers, Dual Universe’s proclamation of housing everyone in the same world at the same time will undoubtedly be interesting to see if it works out.

The epic promises don’t end there, however. Novaquark is really hammering home the point that Dual Universe is a slow-burner. Don’t expect a ‘Press X to build this’ type of game. Instead, this is an ongoing game where you’ll require much planning and preparation. In an interview with pcgamesn.com, Novaquark founder and president Jean-Christophe Baillie spoke of what is needed to create a giant space station, for example. “It’s probably going to involve thousands of players for many months, perhaps even years, just collecting raw materials, engineering it, organising the security of the building site, and so on,” he said. “This will actually create jobs or quests for people in the game which are completely emergent from what the players really want. We don’t aim for instant gratification. We want achievements. We are exploring the world. It’s difficult, it’s interesting, and we need to work together.”

Regardless of how large and extravagant Novaquark’s pledges are, there is still a lot of time, effort, and money needed to complete Dual Universe. This is where Kickstarter comes in. The game has received roughly half of what it has asked for, yet it would be a shame not to at least see if it can make the light of day and make good on its promises. If you’ve got some spare dollars lying around and like the sound of being an intergalactic astronaut, be sure to check out their page and contribute. If nothing else, we’re told that the view from Jupiter is quite nice at this time of year…


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