Dungeons and Dragons Carrying Case

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Dungeons and Dragons Carrying Case

We accumulate all the knowledge and experience that we have obtained throughout the time to design the best travel bag for miniatures available on the market. A-cases are a great storage solution to keep your Dungeons and Dragons miniature figures safe and ordered.

Every year more and more wargamers from all over the world entrust our brand and let us protect their precious miniatures. Our Dungeons and Dragons carrying case is an innovative way of transporting the minis. All the more, we try our best to provide top quality products while we are still improving and modifying our projects.


Why A-case?

We have had a lot of experience in creating and producing miniature carrying bags, that’s why every our model is different because clients have different needs to get fulfilled. The most important advantage of all of them is the weight. They are quite light and equipped with a magnetic system that disables your miniatures to move while being transported. Thanks to the magnets, the risk of potential moving or damage is minimized. It is even possible to relocate your minis and place them upside down. It is extremely easy to transport your figures. This hint allows you to fit even more miniatures. in your travel bag, Yet, you can use the Dungeons and dragons carrying case as storage. In our online store, you can find six different cases, including A-Case +, A-Case Victory, A-Case Victory 2.0, A-Case Hybrid The Kane, A-Case Hybrid Messenger, A-Case Hermes 2:0. Each of them differs substantially from one another. Every wargamer is going to find a case that will match their expectations. All the more, we offer complementary products as well.

We use only high-quality materials to make sure the cases will serve your needs! The high quality is already proven by many testimonials of the Dungeons and Dragon’s gamers. Moreover, you are more than welcome to personalize your miniature carrying bag. This means you can choose one of the available colors (apart from the frame).

The next news that may surprise you is the fact that shipping is worldwide and free!

Dungeons and Dragons Carrying Case

A-case protects your miniatures

It does not matter where you are – our miniature cases protect your figures. You can rely on our A-cases regardless of the weather because they are waterproof. No rain can stop you! Yet, you are allowed to use them as your luggage when you fly somewhere because they are meant to serve as a travel bag. The frames are made of steel. This means that they are solid and stable. You should benefit from it and transport your minis by car, train or airplane. If needed, you can expand your case by adding trays that you can get from our online store.

Our mission is to do everything possible to make your experience with A-case the most valuable. We insist on relying on our experience and accrediting our innovative solutions in miniature transportation case development.


What to get someone who likes Dungeons and Dragons?

If someone likes Dungeons and Dragons, it means the person is into tabletop games. The first idea would be to get him some new miniature figures or books, however, is it something that the person really wants to get? Frequently, people who are fans of this kind of game, need storage. If you get them a miniature case, they are likely to be really happy about the gift. It is a universal idea because the person is able to fit in their different kind of minis and it does not necessarily need to suit only D&D minis. Our online store offers many kinds of cases, so everyone is going to find one that will meet their expectations. Choose the person’s favorite colors and see their reaction to the gift. They are gonna be extremely happy about your creativity! Just make sure the person does not use another storage solution. Otherwise, the bag might happen to be unnecessary.


What is a dice bag?

Dice bags are the simplest way to carry your dice around. They are made of a velvet-like material. They are created to efficiently transport your dice from one place to another. They are very common, but not so practical in the case of miniatures. This type of storage is not safe and does not protect your miniatures from moving, scratching or damaging. The miniatures definitely require storage that is more safe and solid and it should be equipped with a steel frame inside. However, dices are going to fit in a dice bag and they still get the good protection they need.


How much does a bag of holding hold?

There is no one answer to this question. Everything depends on the case you chose. At the same time, all the manufacturers produce cases with different features including the size. A-case offers you a wide range of sizes of the cases that you can choose. Our bags hold about 360 miniature figures and depending on the game store up to a few thousand points armies. It also depends on how wisely you are gonna place your minis. The more you are creative about managing the space, the more minis you are gonna fit in.

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