DYING LIGHT 2 Update Comes With New Game Plus And More

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Techland announced last week the latest milestones for the Dying Light series and now they announced the promised update they mentioned during the reveal. Players can now look forward to Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s New Game Plus mode with the highly requested community features, it comes with a FOV slider for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X players.

New Game Plus can be started at any point after completing the base game’s main story. Players will keep their current character progression, with enemies rising to match them. There will be challenging, never-before-seen infected variants protecting the high-profile loot in the game too. Find 30 new inhibitors to push health and stamina to their very peaks, then take to the streets for new Platinum tier parkour challenges, with goal periods based on the community’s very best.

Their new behind-the-scenes series At The Fish Eye episode shows off a lot of aspects of this New Game Plus feature.

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