DYING LIGHT: GUN SILENCER is Free And Now Comes With Stealth Gameplay For More Fun

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If you are one of those 500,000 weekly players who enjoy this game, then developers are making it more attractive with all this cool free gear which will be available in DYING LIGHT.

As promised back at E3 2017, Techland has been giving completely free content for the fans of Dying Light to enjoy it more the On track of sending out ten brand new DLC’s for players to play with, they are ready to add a whole new component to the gameplay available: stealth. The new pistol silencer, which was added from community demand, players will create a stealthier way to be a deadly zombie hunter.

This is one game I am willing to play and might get it on the holidays and enjoy the free content, but I have to play L.A. Noire on Xbox One X as well which I was looking forward to playing but still didn’t get the time to play it. If you played it already, do tell me what you think about the remastered game.

Check out the announcement trailer below, it has some really cool gear in it.


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