DYING LIGHT Owners Are Getting The Enhanced Edition For Free!

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After meeting a success for Dying Light 2, Techland is confirming they aren’t quite done with the original game of the series. In fact, they are about to unveil Update 1.49 for Dying Light and with it, they are giving all gamers who own the first game a free upgrade to the improved edition! This edition of the game comes with the award-winning expansion The Following and a herd of additional free content and DLC.

And for the update 1.49, all players can appreciate a bunch of new content.

  • Tolga and Fatin, the eccentric engineer twins, will reward players with their latest invention. Of course, after players finish a new quest they have for them.

  • The Hellraid DLC also gets a final update, bringing a number of tweaks and improvements, including Deathbringer. Not to mention a reworked armory and new Crystal consumables that offer unique buffs.

  • An update arrives for the Be the Zombie PvP mode, informed by years of insight and feedback from Dying Light’s amazing community. The full breakdown of this update can be found here.

  • The new Dieselpunk DLC unleashes a Gut Render chainsaw with a bleeding effect, a new outfit, two more extremely brutal weapons, and a new skin for the buggy.

They even delivered a couple of trailers to reveal some of the new aspects coming to Dying Light in this new update.

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