Dyson Cordless Hand Vacuum

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Dyson Cordless Hand Vacuum

In performance tests against other models, The Best Cordless Hand Vacuum was the fastest to suction breakfast cereal from wood and tile floors, and to remove soil from wooden, carpeted, and tiled surfaces.

It was the only model with a low-battery indicator, and its unique nickel manganese cobalt battery provides more than 22 minutes of cleaning time with only a five-hour charge—65% longer life from 1/3 the recharge time of lesser models.

Dyson Cordless Hand Vacuum

Ergonomic design that reduces wrist strain, and a hygienic one-button system that empties waste directly into the garbage.

Its superior features include brush and crevice tools, a washable filter, and a charging indicator.

Recharges via AC with the included adapter.


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