The Dyson Humidifier

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The Dyson Humidifier

The British Tech Company Dyson is now launching its first humidifier which uses ultraviolet light to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria in the water before it is blown around the room. It also uses Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology to project clean, hydrated air around the room evenly and quietly.

“Humidifiers are a way to create a more hygienic environment at home,” said James Dyson. “Using patented UV light technology our humidifier kills 99.9 percent of bacteria in the machine before projecting hydrated mist evenly throughout the room.”

The Dyson humidifier, which cost over £37.5m to develop, holds 3 liters of water and treats it for up to 18 hours. It is able to measure both the temperature and the moisture in the air and adjust the levels accordingly.

A piezoelectric transducer in the base of the machine, vibrating up to 1.7 million times a second, breaks the water down into microscopic particles, which are drawn up through the loop amplifier and projected through the air.

Dyson launching in Japan first and will make it to the US market in fall 2015.


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