E3 2017: You Will Fight Alongside Zombies in DEAD ALLIANCE

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Maximum Games is releasing a new game title Dead Alliance to PS4, PC, and XB One as early as August 29th with an open beta coming near the end of July! The game has a new spin for you, it lets you use the zombies in the map against your enemy, but they can also do likewise.

There will be a single player mode which we really appreciate, also a survival horde-wave type challenge that will tell the story of what happened to the world, why there are zombies, and why there are the two factions fighting each other.

The game is made to be a 4v4 with seven maps. It starts with three pre-set load outs with a total of six; all customizable with the items you unlock. Unlocking items are based on a leveling up system and will require you to unlock the item per class you want to use. The online modes will be a range of different styles, from Free-for-All to Capture & Hold, King of the Hill, Attrition, and Team Deathmatch! What else you want! it looks incredible and I love the idea of fighting alongside zombies. Harnessing the power of dead!

There are also different zombies that can be beneficial in different ways. There is a large one that is a hard hitter that when you anger it, which makes any zombie hit harder, can take down an enemy with only a few hits! There are also other zombies, with quite different tricks of the trade.

I am waiting for this new game which comes with fresh new ideas. What do you think about the game? tell us in the comments below.

Check out the trailer below.

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