E3 2019: Watch Dogs Legion Looks Incredible, Will Be Released In March

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Watch Dogs Legion

The new game in Ubisoft’s hacking series is Watch Dogs Legion, which will be out March 6, 2020. It’s based in London this time and it will allow players to select and control a huge array of non-player characters and it looks amazing. Check out the trailer below:

In a gameplay demo of Watch Dogs Legion that started off Ubisoft’s E3 2019 press conference, the player jumps between various recruited operatives to complete different tasks. There are characters good at infiltration, some greater with combat. In the mission shown at the conference, players are trying to recruit a character who can control drones, useful for a mission in the future.

This legion that players are making is in response to the intimidation of a growing totalitarian regime. The characters roaming the streets of London are the stars of the game, fully-voiced characters with comprehensive back stories. Players can form their personal team as they see fit, from street gangs to secret agents. The game must be a coding nightmare.

Check out the gameplay demo above and tell us in the comments what do you think about the game so far?


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