EA Confirms That BATTLEFIELD V’s Grand Operations Mode Will Be Available At Release

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As it turns out, Battlefield V’s Grand Operations mode will be playable at launch after all. EA received tremendous backlash last week when the company said on June 9 that the multi-day mode would be delayed and will be available shortly after launch. However, EA revealed now that plans have changed since June and Grand Operations will be available from day 1.

Players were furious upon finding out the delay last week. However, EA already announced this last June, which probably got lost in all the E3 related content that week. Nonetheless, EA updated their post last Friday, which confirmed Grand Operations will be present at launch.

“A previous version of this article stated that Battlefield V Grand Operations would be available shortly after launch, based on development plans as of June 9, the date the story published,” EA said in their update. “The article has been updated to reflect that Grand Operations will be playable at launch as part of Tides of War.”

Of course, EA did not explain why their development plans changed. Was it because of the backlash? We will never know. Regarding the mention of Tides of War, it is EA’s branded name for the post-launch content that will follow the game’s release. Each update will bring focus to a specific era in World War 2 and will feature a plethora of new weapons, vehicles, missions, and whatnot.

Battlefield V is set to launch on October 19th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC with early access available through subscription services, pre-orders, and so on.


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