EA is Thinking to Change The Name Of FIFA Games

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Since 1993, EA and FIFA have been making FIFA games, EA has created a popular franchise with the official Fédération Internationale de Football Association branding. But it might be changed soon.

In a recent press release, EA said its, “recording-breaking FIFA 22 launch,” with over 9 million players joining since the game’s October 1 launch.

As we look ahead, we’re also exploring the idea of renaming our global EA SPORTS football games. This means we’re reviewing our naming rights agreement with FIFA, which is separate from all our other official partnerships and licenses across the football world.

Yep, that’s right, EA is considering renaming its soccer games, and is currently reviewing the deal it has with FIFA. According to EA, this would be free of its other licensing deals.

In the same press release, EA mentions that it has over 300 individual licensed partners, which entails over 17,000 athletes in over 700 teams in over 30 leagues worldwide, in one 100 stadiums. Making games is expensive enough before you add all these licensing fees. Plus, on top of that, add the FIFA branding, which probably isn’t cheap!

If the FIFA naming rights agreement was modified, then it seems certain that the name would be lost. While the games would essentially be what players like and expect, the official FIFA sheen and varnish would be withdrawn.

The official FIFA logo will be seen by some as meaning akin to the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for soccer fans. FIFA is a brand, a strong brand, and FIFA is one of the most famous games on Earth! As Konami already revealed, changing your soccer game’s name can be very dangerous. It’ll be exciting to see if this is a negotiation tactic by EA, or if they will really rename the whole franchise.

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