EA Sports FC 24 Every New Icon and Hero Revealed

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EA Sports FC 24 Every New Icon and Hero

EA Sports FC 24, the highly anticipated soccer video game, is making waves in the gaming community with rumors swirling about its potential departure from the FIFA license. Despite this, Electronic Arts is committed to providing players with an exceptional gaming experience, promising to retain many of the beloved modes and features. Among these cherished elements are the Icons and Heroes, yearly additions to the Ultimate Team mode, showcasing the crème de la crème of the soccer world.

Icons and Heroes are distinct categories within the game. Icons are renowned global players who have excelled at all levels of the sport, achieving immense fame and success. They provide chemistry bonuses to players from the same country in Ultimate Team. On the other hand, Heroes are celebrated for their remarkable performances for their respective countries or for their achievements at one or two specific clubs during their careers. These players boost chemistry for others from the same league in Ultimate Team.

Last year marked the introduction of Heroes in EA Sports FC (previously known as FIFA), adding a new layer of excitement and strategy to the game. With Icons and Heroes now taking center stage, fans are eagerly awaiting the latest roster of players set to grace the virtual pitch in EA FC 24. As the game’s release date on September 29 approaches, Electronic Arts has already confirmed the inclusion of five Heroes, with the promise of more additions in the future.


Among the Heroes scheduled to join the game is Ludovic Giuly, a dynamic winger who left an indelible mark on French soccer, playing for esteemed clubs like Lyon, Monaco, and Paris Saint-Germain. He also had successful stints at Barcelona and Roma, accumulating an impressive collection of silverware throughout his illustrious career. Giuly’s most outstanding season came in 2002-03 when he earned the coveted Etoile d’Or as the best player in Ligue 1.


Nadine Keßler, another Hero in the upcoming EA FC 24, played a crucial role in Germany’s triumphs during various UEFA championships in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Although she couldn’t replicate this success on the grand stage of the World Cup or Olympics, Keßler contributed significantly to her club team Wolfsburg, securing back-to-back Bundesliga championships and a Women’s Champions League title.


John Arne Riise, a legendary left-back, spent the majority of his career at Liverpool, becoming an iconic figure for the club. Known for his relentless work ethic and powerful kicks, Riise played a pivotal role in Liverpool’s Champions League and FA Cup victories.


Tomáš Rosický, the skillful midfielder, earned widespread recognition for his time at Borussia Dortmund and Arsenal. He was praised for his exceptional technique, sharp passing, and the ability to create goal-scoring opportunities with the outside of his foot. Rosický’s contributions were vital in Arsenal’s FA Cup triumph during the 2013-14 season.


Nwankwo Kanu, the towering Nigerian forward, was a fan favorite during his time at Arsenal, where he utilized his imposing height to score over 100 goals. His early career at Ajzx also showcased his dominance on the field, and his contributions played a pivotal role in Arsenal’s Premier League and FA Cup triumphs.


Alex Scott, an outstanding right-back for the England national team, played a significant role in leading her country to a Bronze Medal in the 2015 Women’s World Cup. Her club career with Arsenal’s women’s side was equally impressive, earning seven FA Cup titles. Off the field, Scott’s prowess as a soccer pundit for BBC Sports has made her a prominent figure in the sport.

As fans eagerly anticipate the release of EA Sports FC 24, excitement is building around the inclusion of these new Icons and Heroes. With the promise of more surprises and updates in the near future, players are gearing up for another immersive and thrilling soccer gaming experience like never before. Keep an eye out for further announcements from Electronic Arts as they continue to shape the game’s roster and features leading up to its much-anticipated launch!

Alex Scott, a formidable right-back, etched her name in football history with her remarkable contributions both on and off the field. Representing the England national team for several years, she played an instrumental role in leading her country to a momentous achievement – the Bronze Medal in the 2015 Women’s World Cup. But her impact extended beyond the international stage.

During her illustrious career with Arsenal’s women’s side, she was an integral part of the team’s success, aiding them in securing an astonishing seven FA Cups throughout her tenure. However, it is perhaps her exceptional work as a soccer pundit for BBC Sports over the last decade that has made her an icon in the world of sports media.


Gianluca Vialli, a revered figure in the realm of football, left an indelible mark as a prolific striker in the Italian leagues. His journey commenced with Cremonese in Serie C1, where he played a crucial role in propelling the team to promotion. Later, he joined Sampdoria, forming a formidable striker partnership with Roberto Mancini, and their lethal combination left fans in awe during the 1980s.

A significant turning point in his career came when he made a world-record transfer to Juventus, where he played an instrumental role in guiding the team to Champions League victory in the 1995-96 season, among several other achievements. Although his time at Chelsea marked the end of his playing days, it is his unforgettable stint with Sampdoria that remains cherished by football enthusiasts around the globe.


Carlos Tevez, the Argentine dynamo, emerged as a prolific goal scorer for both club and country, leaving a trail of excellence throughout his illustrious career. From Corinthians to West Ham United, from Manchester City to Juventus and Boca Juniors, Tevez consistently posed a menacing threat to opposition defenses, irrespective of the jersey he donned.

Beyond his natural goal-scoring prowess, it was Tevez’s unmatched willpower and unyielding determination that set him apart on the pitch. His insatiable desire to win drove him to go above and beyond, making him a standout player in every team he represented.


Wesley Sneijder, regarded as one of the most talented attacking midfielders of his generation, showcased his brilliance in various top-tier European leagues. Whether dazzling defenders with his flair and creativity at Ajax, or asserting his late-career dominance at Galatasaray, Sneijder’s performances earned him a legion of devoted fans regardless of the club he played for.

Hailing from Ajax’s esteemed academy, he carried his exceptional skills to numerous clubs and shone brightly for his national team. Sneijder’s presence in the midfield was an artistry to behold, and his abilities on the ball made him an icon of the modern game.


Bixenta Lizarazu, a dominant left-back with a penchant for attacking play, mesmerized fans during his time at Bordeaux and Bayern Munich. Despite occupying a defensive position, Lizarazu fearlessly ventured forward, utilizing his exceptional pace and precision crossing to create scoring opportunities for his team.

While his offensive contributions were lauded, Lizarazu’s defensive skills were equally impressive. His lightning-quick speed and tactical awareness allowed him to thwart opposing attacks with finesse, earning him a reputation as a stalwart defender throughout his illustrious career.

EA Sports FC 24 Every New Icon and Hero

Although not yet officially announced by EA Sports, Mia Hamm’s presence in the announcement trailer alongside current Icon Luis Figo has sparked excitement and anticipation. Regarded as one of the greatest players in United States women’s football history, Hamm’s impact on the sport is immeasurable.

Her legacy is adorned with numerous accolades, including two Gold Medals in the Women’s World Cup and two in the Olympics, which played a pivotal role in elevating the women’s game to unprecedented heights during the 1990s. With this edition of EA Sports FC allowing men and women to play together in the same squad in Ultimate Team, Hamm’s inclusion as an Icon signifies a momentous step forward for gender representation in the virtual football world.

Leaked Icons and Heroes ea-sports-fc-24-1.png As the anticipation for EA Sports FC 24 builds, several potential Icons and Heroes have been leaked on Twitter by reputable sources. While not officially confirmed yet, these rumored players have sparked fervent discussions among football enthusiasts worldwide. The speculated additions promise to further enrich the gaming experience and celebrate the illustrious careers of some of football’s most iconic figures.

Here are the rumored players that will be joining the currently announced list:

  • Vincent Kompany – Hero
  • Dimitar Berbatov – Hero
  • Enzo Francescoli – Hero
  • Paulo Futre – Hero
  • Steve McManaman – Hero
  • Ramires – Hero
  • Arjen Robben – ?
  • Sergio Aguero – ?
  • Arda Turan – ?
  • DeMarcus Beasley – ?
  • Bobby Charlton – Icon
  • Zico – Icon
  • Franck Ribery – Icon

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