EA Sports to Release FIFA (free version) for iOS and Android

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EA Sports to Release FIFA (free version) for iOS and Android

EA Sports is known by all and has created a heaven for gamers. Gamers spend hours and hours playing their sports games. But trust me, there is no other game released by EA that earned as much popularity as FIFA did. The game has got amazing gameplay, league options, realistic atmospheres, classic commentary, and teams. Also, the multiplayer option is something that makes this game fantastic. You can set up tournaments with friends and play like an actual game. Plus, even if your friends are not around you can have fun by yourself.

Now the question arises, have you ever wondered carrying this amazing game with you? When you have this game on your console or computer, you get confined as you can play it mostly at your home. But the thing is have you ever wanted to get it on your phone? Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Now, there is great news for you that on the 22nd of September, EA Sports is releasing the newest version of FIFA. This time, the version will be for iOS and Android devices. Yes, from 22nd September, you can play FIFA on your tablet or smartphone and the biggest news is that the version will be free of any cost.

The game will feature graphics that are like console and there will be an enhanced AL. This mobile version will feature player goal celebrations and some new options for controls so you can play it smoothly. There will be an Ultimate Team mode in the game too. Obviously, this won’t be the full version of FIFA but still, you are going to get most of the options.

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