Earin M2 Wireless Earbuds Officially Launched and Price Revealed

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Earin M2 Wireless Earbuds

It was unveiled in CES 2017 these are the second generation earbuds from Earin and they have finally been launched and are now available to purchase price to $249. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about their design and features.

“The quality of the M–2 audio is breathtaking, superbly balanced with accurate highs and lows. Driven by Knowles Balanced Armature Speakers, the M–2 are made to experience sound without compromise.”

Earin M2 Wireless Earbuds

Available in white or black color and more colors expected to arrive in near future, the new wireless earbuds are currently available to purchase throughout Japan and China and are expected to arrive in Europe before the holiday season of 2018.

The new earbuds are equipped with Google Assistant blended into the design and activated using a long press on either earbud. The newest generation of wireless earbuds offer connectivity via Bluetooth to your smartphone and interact with each other using Near-field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) technology more commonly associated with hearing aids and gives improved connection when compared with those that only rely on Bluetooth. Removing signal delay increasing sound quality and minimizing connection dropouts.

Source: Earin : Verge


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