Earth Loving Lego Bricks Under Development

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Earth Loving Lego Bricks Under Development

Lego is currently in the process of developing eco-friendly Lego bricks that will allow it to drop the need for oil-based plastic raw materials it uses to create the 60 billion Lego bricks it creates on an annual basis.

The Danish toy company is currently investing millions in the research and design of a new environmentally friendly Lego brick that will be available to purchase hopefully by 2030.

Currently Lego bricks are created from ABS plastic and three quarters of Lego’s carbon footprint comes from the extraction and refinement of the oil used in its toys. Roar Trangbaek, press officer for Lego Group explains more about the plans Lego has for their environmentally friendly Lego brick.

You could say that it’s a logical place for us to find a way of reducing our environmental footprint. – If you look at our CO2 footprint as a company, the majority of our impact comes from offscreen activities—basically what happens before we receive any raw materials in our factory.

We’re looking at every opportunity out there that’s more sustainable than what we have today. If we want to reach our ambition by 2030, we need to invest a significant amount of money.

Last year, we recycled the equivalent of around 70 million Lego bricks. But we can do that within our factories because we can ensure the product is still in a pristine condition. We can’t compromise on the product quality or product safety—that means we know exactly what material we’re using and what’s inside of it. The challenge with recycled materials from outside is that we don’t know the ingredients.



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