Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Coming to the MARVEL MOVE App

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Six to Start and OliveX, the creators behind the popular fitness app Zombies, Run!, have announced a collaboration with Marvel Entertainment to launch a new storytelling fitness app called Marvel Move. This exciting new app is set to be released in Summer 2023 and promises to be an amazing way to get into running and achieve your fitness goals.

Marvel Move will launch with five exciting stories, which will help users get into shape at their own pace. The app is fully customizable, meaning that it can be used for any type of physical activity, including running outside, on a treadmill, or even in a wheelchair. Once you select the story you want, you become the main character and embark on an immersive adventure, with the help of side characters, to reach your fitness goals.

The app also offers users the opportunity to enroll in various training programs, including 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and marathon training programs. This means that users can choose the program that best suits their fitness level and goals.

Six to Start and OliveX are renowned for creating highly immersive and engaging fitness apps, and the fact that they are behind Marvel Move makes it highly anticipated. The team’s previous work on Zombies, Run! has been a huge success, and for many users, it’s the only way they can get excited about running. The prospect of the team bringing their expertise and creativity to Marvel Move is sure to be a game-changer for the fitness app market.

To celebrate the launch of Marvel Move, users can subscribe to the Marvel Move Founders Club, which offers a two-year subscription at a 30% discount. This subscription includes one free month of Zombies, Run!, invitations to private Q&A livestreams, and other exciting benefits. Marvel Move will be available on both iPhone and Android.

In summary, if you are looking to start a new fitness regimen or want to add something new to your existing workout, Marvel Move is an excellent choice. The app promises to be immersive, engaging, and an excellent way to achieve your fitness goals. Don’t miss the chance to be part of the Marvel Move Founders Club and experience this innovative new fitness app.

The app will launch with 5 stories to help get you into shape at your own pace:

  • “Thor & Loki: Asgard 5K Training” written by Alex Acks

    • Lost in the Ten Realms, you have only one way home: follow the guidance of Thor and Loki… if they can stop fighting for five minutes. With 24 fully voiced workouts over eight weeks, this is an expert-designed training programme designed to take you from zero running experience to being capable of running a full 5K with the godly sibling duo.

  • “X-Men: Age of ORCHIS” written by Tini Howard

    • Discover your mutant identity as you’re welcomed to the mutant haven of Krakoa. You’ll be recruited to work alongside the X-Men to counter a rising threat to mutantkind. Written by Tini Howard (X-Men comics), this is a classic globe-trotting X-Men-style adventure alongside Wolverine, Storm, Jean Grey, and many more.

  • “The Hulk: Hulkville” written by Matt Wieteska

    • Run from the authorities with Bruce and Betty Banner as they try to hide Hulk from the world. But when you finally find shelter in a remote desert town, mysterious forces are at work… can you uncover the truth before it’s too late?

  • “Daredevil: Terminal Degree” written by Bilal Dardai

    • As a new student at a prestigious law school, you soon realize all is not as it seems. Before you know it, you’re pulled into the dangerous criminal underworld and find yourself working alongside Daredevil himself to bring down the whole house of cards.

  • “Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch: In Dreams” written by Kim Richards

    • You find yourself listening to an audio tour guide for a place you’ve never visited… but nothing seems quite right… Suddenly you realize there’s another voice leaking through, warning you, trying to guide you: a certain Sorcerer Supreme. Featuring Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch, you’ll need to figure out where you are, and how you’ll escape. Quickly.

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