Eastern Farming Sim IMMORTAL LIFE Updates Trailer Revealed

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Immortal Life

Farming sim Immortal Life has a new trailer describing the new additions and modifications that have come to the game. Currently, in early access, Immortal Life takes motivation from Daoism and Chinese fantasy fiction.

You are charged with helping to reconstruct a sect by working with fellow members of your community and managing different aspects of your society, from crop cultivation to selling products and building new buildings. You will also have to explore the surrounding regions for new materials and resources, with the added risk of creatures who may try to tear you apart.

The title has recently seen new quest lines and missions – some of which will examine the stories of significant characters – as well as revamped battle systems and AI. A fox has also been added as one of the pets you can own, which can also help you to finish specific missions. More animals are purported to be arriving with future updates too.

Seasonal events and quests are also part of the experience, which can change your relationships with individual characters and earn you extra money.

Immortal Life is developed by YiFang Studio and published by 2P Games. You can get it now on Steam in early access.

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