Edifier Budget Gadgets Are Perfect For Budget Gaming Setup

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G2000 Wireless Subwoofer Stereo Speaker

If you want the best-performing equipment available for your gaming setup. Most things in the market will cost more money than you want to spend on them. But that is not the case here, Edifier delivers premium audio products for gaming on a budget. Check out the gaming speaker setup and gaming headset that are perfect in terms of quality and within your budget.

G2000 Wireless Subwoofer Stereo Speaker

G2000 Wireless Subwoofer Stereo Speaker

The G2000 is a very clever little speakers that comes with great sound while combining a bit of customization for your desk. It has professional EQ adjustment modes built-in that can be changed whether it’s for gaming, movies, or you want to listen to music. With its many connections implemented, you also won’t have to worry about buying additional cables. It also comes with RGB lighting that’s sure to make any gaming setup cool and lit up. There are 12 various lighting effects that can be adjusted with the push of a button.


  • 2.75-inch full-range unit with 16W RMS power output

  • Column-shaped cabinet with backward mega bass port

  • 12 light effects enhance the gaming experience

  • Mechanical shift lever easy to control volume

  • Music, Game, and Movie sound modes supported

  • Bluetooth/USB sound card/AUX input available

  • Dedicated power adapter for stable and safe power supply

  • Subwoofer output interface included

G4 SE Gaming Headset


Gaming headsets are important for any gamer no matter your platform. But you can’t always find a good quality one for under $100. The G4 SE however puts that to rest. It gives 40mm drivers to deliver rich sounds, a retractable omnidirectional mic, and a universal 3.5mm L plug that enables users to plug into all of their beloved gadgets. Another feature is the comfortability that’s been built into the G4 SE. It has soft leather ear cups so no discomfort happens even after long hours of gaming.


  • 40mm NdFeB unit

  • Specular glossy ear cup with woven metal mesh

  • Over-ear design with leather headset and earmuffs

  • Retractable microphone with flexible mic boom

  • Easy-to-operate buttons on the wired controller

  • 1.3mL type plug compatible with iOS and Android phones

All of Edifier’s products can be purchased on their website or from their Amazon store. No matter which route you go, it seems like Edifier really has gamers covered.


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