Educational 3D Printable Cannybot Racers

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Educational 3D Printable Cannybot Racers

The Cannybots can also be controlled using a smartphone via the Cannybot Racer application that is available to download for both iOS and Android. Watch the video below to learn more.

“Cannybots are ideal for teaching as the bots tend to create a high level of engagement with the kids. It can be used across both primary and secondary education: the built-in turtle behavior lets children explore simple instructions and basic algorithms,” explains Cannybots.

“’ Joy’ is the fastest Cannybot racer build to date. He can reach speed over 1 meter/sec on the straight. He can lap the 4-meter figure of eight-track in under 4.8 seconds in time trial mode. In the video, the bot is controlled (by Anish) using the custom-built BlueTooth joypad that allows precise speed control necessary to navigate the corners at high speed.”

When the bot is on the line the driver can only control the speed of the bot. This is a hybrid model where steering is done by the line following algorithm while speed is controlled by the driver. This allows for high speed driving on the line. Go fast on the straight and slow down on the corners for best lap time. “



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