The Elder Scrolls Online Character Creation Video

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Zenimax Online Studios released a character customization video for their upcoming massively multiplayer role-playing game, The Elder Scrolls Online.

The video gives you a taste of the diverse customization options you’ll have at your fingertips. Discover some of the customization options you’ll have in the game after the break:

“Even though creating your character is just the first step on your adventure, it’s an important one. We want to give you the tools you need to realize the hero you’re already envisioning, and we’re excited to give you a peek at some of the options you’ll use to create the character you want to play in ESO,” notes the blog.

The Elder Scrolls Online is set to be released in Spring 2014 for Mac, PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It will be localized in English, French, and German.


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