Electronic Arts Drops Wild Hearts Content Update

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Wild Hearts

For the uninitiated, Wild Hearts is an action RPG created by the Japanese game developer Omega Force and published by Electronic Arts, is a unique take on the hunting genre with fantasy elements based on feudal Japan.

Electronic Arts dropped a Wild Hearts content update which pre-existing owners can access free of charge. The new content includes Deathhaze Gloombeak, new hunt quests, and the chance to activate new Emotes and Chat Stamps.

Deathhaze Gloombeak is a whole new Volatile Kemono, if you are successful in defeating the beast, you will be rewarded with the title of Deathhaze Exorciser. The new Talisman Skill is Toxic Shock, which increases health damage as a result of toxins when Kemono are in a poisoned state.

Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Reddit AMA reveals future plans

Despite their busy schedule, the Wild Hearts dev team found time for a Reddit AMA with fans particularly interested in new weapon types and the possibility of future planned expansions. For the record, the time and effort involved in the creation of weapons mean that the game developers are focusing on discovering the perfect balance for the existing eight weapons in the game. With regard to expansions, the plan is to continue to provide players with new, free content as opposed to building major expansions.


The popularity of the fantasy genre

Wild Hearts taps into the popularity of fantasy themes in entertainment, which gives creators wide scope for their own interpretations of the form. The genre has featured in recent high-profile blockbuster TV shows such as House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones spinoff, and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Fantasy themes also feature in the iGaming sector with online slots real money games, which borrow heavily from the genre with titles, such as Goblins: Gluttony of Gems, Mermaid Royale, Doragon’s Gems, and Nine Realms. These slot games are able to capitalize on the popularity of the genre and appeal to fans of fantasy through the imagery and features of the slot games.

The Wild Hearts patch

The content update follows the Wild Hearts patch, which dropped earlier this month, featuring a wide range of balance adjustments and fixes, related in particular to poor performance on PC with a PC crash hotfix. The adjustments included a reduction in the total stamina that is consumed when you dodge with the Bow and the ability to use resonance as a way to recover Karakuri Thread when you perform a Basic Karakuri combo attack using the Bow. Fixes include issues such as the appearance of the “Food you were processing is ready.” in Minato despite the processing not being complete.

The Wild Hearts content update and patch come hot on the heels of some excellent gaming reviews and the Serial Hunts are likely to be popular with players. The Wild Hearts dev team has described the hunts as “a sort of ‘greatest hits’ tour of each region” and is rated as making for a tough but rewarding trial of your skills at hunting.

Fans of Wild Hearts can look forward to plenty of future content updates and the news that DLSS support is in development and testing which paves the way for exciting times ahead.

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