Elon Musk’s Boring Company Starts Digging Tunnel In Los Angeles

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Elon Musk who has a multi-billion automobile company is now changing how we travel, The tech mogul started a new “Boring Company” to dig tunnels under cities and solve the traffic jam problem for once and for all.

According to Futurism, Elon is now fighting with the city administration to get his way, and if his plans are approved, the construction of the said underground tunnel could start in Los Angeles as soon as the end of this month!

Futurism has caught a sneak peek into the digging process which apparently has already started. Musk has also posted a photo of the machine being used to dig the tunnel, sending the internet into excitement. The machine has just left a massive hole covered by steel boundaries. However, we won’t be surprised if Elon goes ahead to build a full-fledged tunnel.

Science Alert notes, Musk hasn’t revealed how the tunnel will be built or how it will work. Since the man is also plagued with creating futuristic high-speed pod called the Hyperloop which is being built in Dubai right now; the underground tunnel would anyhow incorporate this high-speed pod as well. This reply on Twitter strengthens the speculation.

Futurism notes, Musk looks to perform underground tunnel bring faster and more efficiently than ever before, which begs the question of planning and funding of the process. It is possible that Elon can leverage his position as the Presidential Advisor and present his proposal to U.S. President Donald Trump.


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