Emergency Keychain Charger by Pulsepak

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PulsePak is a tiny, external battery pack roughly the size of two and a half sticks of chewing gum, yet capable of providing even the largest phones up to 2 hours of additional talk time. It is made to power your phone though emergency situations and small enough to stay with you at all times without any inconvenience.

PulsePak easily fits on your keyring, so it is ready to power your phone whenever you need to stay connected. Never miss an important phone call or urgent email. PulsePak is the perfect balance of power and size. PulsePak features a retractable micro-USB or Lightning charging connector, which means you don’t need a cable to charge your phone. The connector locks into open and closed positions via the external switch for added protection. It’s not disposable. Charge the unit with the same connector you have on your phone. Holds up the charge up to 3 months when not in use.

Battery capacity 500 mah, battery type lithium polymer.


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