End Space VR Is Now Available On Oculus Rift

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End Space

Orange Bridge Studios the creators of End Space have today launched the space simulator on the Oculus Rift and will be making it available to play on the HTC Vive VR headset next month, February 2018.

The End Space game is now available for the Rift offering a more expansive and enhanced version of the game, thanks to the extra processing power provided by the Rift and Vive VR hardware.

End Space VR game also includes new motion control based flight systems giving a more immersive feel to the game, Check out the video below to learn more about what you can expect from the latest End Space edition of the game.

Within the End Space VR space combat simulation game, players take on command of the most advanced star-fighter the United Trade Consortium has and engage in a huge battle for control of the Tartarus sector. While protecting the “UTC’s secret jump-drive technology from the Tartarus Liberation Front insurgents as you fight to maintain the corporation’s dominance and earn yourself fame and fortune in the process”.



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