ENDURE Survival Pen Start Fires, Shoot Flares And More

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ENDURE Survival Pen

The Endure has been designed to provide an easy to carry compact survival tool, constructed from Titanium and offering the ability to start a fire, shoot a flare, make a snare and even take notes. It looks like a gadget from Bond movies. One gadget with more than one uses.

Watch the promotional video below to learn more about the Endure survival pen from Nolan Brundige:

“As someone who loves to hike, backpack, and just enjoy the outdoors I have owned and tried multiple survival tools; I’m pretty sure you have too. I was tired of carrying multiple devices (e.g. fire starter, tinder, flare gun, para-cord, etc.) and decided to merge everything into one simple, minimal, and lightweight tool; The Endure Survival Pen. If every day carry doesn’t interest you, then this is just an awesome tool to add to your pack when heading out! 

Why a pen? Because a pen is something most of us use in our every day lives from grocery lists and checks to notes and sketches. This makes it perfect for an Everyday Carry (EDC). Surprisingly enough, a pen in a survival situation can help dramatically (e.g. creating a map, keeping track of time, noting specific plants/landmarks, etc.).“

Features of the Endure survival pen include :

• Precision machined from Titanium for durability
• Ferrocerium Rod
• Flare Launcher (Can shoot flares, bear bangers, comet flares, and whistlers)- standard flares come in red, green and white.
• 3.5 Ft para-cord with inner core that can be used as tinder
• Multi-use spike, used for digging/snare post/breaking glass/etc.
• Ballpoint pen, uses LAMY M22 refill.
• Hardened steel clip that can be used as a striker
• Weight: Approx – 2.4 oz Length: 5.5 inches Diameter: 0.5 inches

Visit the Kickstarter website for more information and you would like to see the Endure survival pen make the jump from concept to reality.



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