ENDZONE: A WORLD APART a Post-Apocalyptic City-Builder Announced

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Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Gentlymad have revealed a trailer for an upcoming game where the aim is to survive and conquer a radioactive wasteland. The trailer gives a look into the empty world with derelict factories and deserted buildings. The only hints of life were the decomposed skeleton of an animal and a cawing bird.

A terrorist attack in 2021 causes a catastrophic worldwide nuclear power plant meltdown. After one hundred years before the survivors arise from bunkers to rediscover the planet. The last humans on earth will have to drive the challenges of restoring civilization. The atmosphere, the weather, and the future of the animals have all shifted in surprising ways.

Key features in the new city-builder from developer Gentlymad:

  • The Pursuit of Happiness: The world as we know it is gone. Build a new home for the last human survivors! Provide them with a steady food and water supply, educate them on how to cultivate their own crops, and provide shelter that can withstand the worst the weather has to offer with over 30 different buildings, each with a significant purpose.

  • Gather & Lead: As the leader of your settlement, coordinate and assign different professions and tasks. Let your people gather and refine a wide array of resources, and manage your economy by building an efficient infrastructure with streets, depositories, and markets.

  • The Invisible Enemies: Though the nuclear meltdowns are long past, harmful radiation still haunts the surface of Earth in the form of toxic rains, contaminated soil, and more. Safeguard your people and their hard-earned crops with special anti-contamination gear, water filters, protective buildings, and more.

  • Survive the Drought: The climate has changed, and not for the better! Prepare for recurring droughts by planning ahead and stocking up on food, water, and other essentials. Withstand unstoppable sandstorms as they destroy buildings and bring with them deadly radiation. Every weather cycle is a new challenge!

  • A Vivid, Dynamically Simulated World: Every inch of earth in the game features dynamically simulated humidity and radiation. Watch as rain clouds irrigate your soil, or prepare for ongoing battles against toxic rain as they bring devastating radiation to the land.

  • Think like a Diplomat: The world beyond your safe and carefully crafted civilization is intimidating, but it’s your job to make the tough decisions that will secure the fate of your people, such as sending expeditions to remote, unexplored locations to source materials, locate resources, and more.

 Sounds really amazing and different and the trailer looks very interesting. We’re interested to see how Early Access on Steam influences the game and develops the city-building experience.

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