Energy Saving Advice For Call Centers

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When it comes to the idea of saving energy in office buildings such as call centres, there are actually very man things that can be done by both management and staff to cut down and conserve energy usage. Implementing such changes and initiatives is not only good for the environment, but it is also good for a business’s bottom line, as using fewer energy results in cost savings. 

Some of the top tips for being more efficient and reducing call centre energy use are listed below:


Encourage staff to get involved

All employees within a call centre will be using some amount of energy, even those with more manual type jobs, such as cleaners. Even when they are not directly using energy by using a computer or a vacuum cleaner, they are still using heating and lighting. Whilst there is little that can be done about this type of energy use, staff can be encouraged to incorporate certain tactics into the way that they work within a call centre in order to have a big impact on usage. This includes things like switching their computer and monitor off at the end of the day and switching lights off when leaving meeting rooms. 


Change to using eco-friendly equipment

By changing and updating outdated / energy inefficient fixtures and equipment in a call centre, a business can not only save energy but also money. Some of the things that can be changed or replaced include older traditional light bulbs for energy efficient LED ones, heating systems (e.g. central heating as opposed to individual electric heaters), motion sensors for lighting, and roof insulation to fill the empty cavity that may exist at the top of the building the call centre is in. 


Review energy bills

It is believed to be the case that businesses in the United Kingdom are overpaying on their utilities by more than £500million each and every year. The main reason for this is due to them being on the wrong type of tariff, i.e. one that does not suit their energy usage needs. It is often the case that businesses automatically roll onto a standard or even higher tariff once their contract comes to an end and do nothing about it. Well this behaviour is costing them greatly financially. Whilst changing onto a better and more appropriate tariff may not necessarily save a call centre energy, it will significantly reduce the amount of money they are paying on their energy bills. 


Implement a closing routine

With staff members eager to leave a call centre after a long day at work, it can be quite easy for them to rush out and completely forget about switching off their computer and monitor or laptop. However, adopting a set-closing routine can help to combat this issue. It can also be made someone’s responsibility to manage this for the entire building, having them going around switching everything off before closing up the building. 

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