Engineer Estimates The Cost To Build Trump’s Great Wall

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We all know Donald Trump, a U.S. Presidential candidate, a billionaire, well more like Lex Luthor and the person who talks more like Donald Duck Than Donald Trump.  His most famous statement since his desire to run for president has been the construction of the so-called Great Wall of Trump to keep out illegal Mexican immigrants from the USA and supposedly with it, their drug trade and social problems. Seems all feasible, right?

great trump wall

A civil engineer, Ali Rhuzkan, crunched some simple figures for us regarding the material costs, labour costs and according to the national average of the country. It is assumed that the wall will be built using pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete. Also, a necessary thing would be to include steel rebar in the occurring costs. He then summed it all up and let us know the answers:

167 million cubic yards of cast-in-place concrete. The current cost in 93$/cubic yard and it sums up to nearly 15.5 billion $

1 million segments of pre-cast panels of 10′ at 17$/panel. It adds up to nearly 17.5 million $.

2.5 million tons of steel rebar @ 600$/ton is equal to 1.5 billion $.

The total cost for this project comes out to be 15.5 billion $ + 0.0175 billion + 1.5 billion $ = ~17 billion dollars!

So what else you can do with the 17 Billion Dollars!

Well you can make a lot of homes for homeless, feed the homeless which is turning a huge problem for America right now or The world’s tallest building, an astonishing 163 floors cost around 1.5 billion dollars. So, you can make around 12 Burj Khalifas with that sort of money when the US doesn’t even have one! 17 billion dollars is the annual budget of more than 50 countries around the world, and it can be used to pay for the complete college education of more than 17,000 students! I will go with educating the masses, give more relief on education (So there will be less student loan burden on actual students) and on medical bills which are more needed at this time and let Mexicans keeping our lawns tip top.


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