Enjoy Space Dogfighting in HAUNTED SPACE

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Taking new players into a space-based environment and giving them a goal with a direct enemy was a concept that is coming on the next-generation platforms. Merge Games announced that the developers over at Italian Games Factory are creating a game called Haunted Space that will bring this experience to PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. No release date is announced yet, but there is an impressive reveal trailer which you can watch below.

After the distant Neterun galaxy and powerful energy called Sonic Matter was found, an enormous factory called the Metal Mother Facility was established to collect this precious resource. Take on the role of a Raider, in the service of the Human Empire, and finish the quests across various systems or strike out on your own to battle, explore and gather resources and credits. It isn’t long before humanity realizes they aren’t alone and reveals an ancient civilization. In order to remain, you will need to trade, craft, upgrade your ship, and battle to survive as you uncover the mystery of a galaxy.

This game will mix sci-fi and horror through a story-rich adventure based on travel and search, fast-paced dogfighting, trading, and ship crafting, with upgrade options flight simulation, and intense multi-stage boss fights. We already know so much about this game from the announcement trailer but I love to know more about this game and waiting for its release date.


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