Enjoy The Pure Arcade Awesomeness In HUNTDOWN

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This trailer for Huntdown is super and rewatching just for the awesome and cheesy narration.

Astonishing bounty hunter names, funny characterizations, so-cringey-it’s-awesome descriptions, punny bad guy gangs, and all the arcade nostalgia goodness you’ll need.

You can play solo or co-op as bounty hunters in a game that makes you “run, jump, and take cover in the neon-soaked, graffiti-strewn ‘80s inspired cityscapes.”

Huntdown features hand-painted 16-bit pixel art graphics and hand-drawn animations. So it looks gorgeous, but the arcade throwback also has 60fps gameplay for the modern-day gamer.

The game will release on May 12th, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Epic Games Store. You can pre-order it right now.



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