Epic Dice Tower Defence Game Hits Kickstarter

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Epic Dice Tower Defence Game

Epic Dice Tower Defense takes the form of a strategic, all-dice game that combines your craving for dice rolling and your love of tower defense games, watch the video below to see in played.

“Players: 2-3 (This will go up as we hit stretch goals) – Game Time: 20-40 minutes. Minions, towers and spells are all represented by dice. Players construct towers and hire waves of minions to send against other players.

Each player receives a game mat to organize towers and minions.  Each game mat indicates positions for a lane of towers on the player’s left and a lane of towers on the player’s right.  In the center of the mat are three slots for waves of hired minions.

Each round, player’s roll off to determine turn order for the entire round.  The round consists of a Buy Phase and an Attack Phase. During the Buy Phase, players are allotted five gold.  Players may spend gold to construct towers, re-roll weak towers, hire groups of minions to form waves, or to cast spells.

During the Attack Phase, each player may send two waves of minions against adjacent players.  The entire wave is rolled and minions weaker than the tower are removed.  If a minion equals or exceeds the towers strength, the tower is destroyed.  Each minion type has a specific ability that activates automatically if that minion’s image is rolled on the die.  Different minions are useful under different circumstances, and it is up to the player to decide what group will be most effective as an attacking wave.

When a monster makes it past all opposing towers, the die may be rolled once for a chance to score victory points. The game is over when a player scores a total of 8 victory points.”

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