Epic Games Buys Psyonix and ROCKET LEAGUE Will Soon Be Added To Epic Game Store

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Rocket League

Recently Epic Games bought Psyonix, the developers behind the successful and wonderful car soccer game Rocket League, and with that purchase came some news that some gamers might not like at all The game will become available on Epic Game Store, and it seems like there’s a prospect the main game will stay on Steam. I have never heard people talk generously of any PC game store outside of the Steam platform.

Variety reports that Epic says they plan to continue support for the Steam version of the game with patches, DLC, and all content that comes to the PC version. However, they were unclear if people would still be able to buy the base game through Valve’s storefront.

The deal is said to be completed either at the end of May or in early June, so if you’re a Steam user, you may want to move quickly and buy this awesome game.

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