Epic Games Reveals What Unreal Engine 5 Offers

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Unreal Engine 5

The latest version of the Unreal Engine has been revealed by Epic Games. Known as Unreal Engine 5 (UE5), it was unveiled with a demo on the PlayStation 5.

What Is the UE5 All About?

According to Epic, this latest update to their games engine will allow game developers to fully exploit the possibilities offered by the latest game consoles, such as the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

The demo included stunning visuals with an incredible level of detail and realism, together with a ground-breaking approach to lighting effects. While this was just a demo, the company behind the engine believes that developers will be able to repeat the quality of it when they create full studio titles.

We can expect to see UE5 launched towards the end of 2021. It will support next-gen and current-gen consoles, as well as iOS, Android, PC, and Mac platforms.

Unreal Engine 5

Part of the Move Towards More Realistic Games

The arrival of this new game engine is part of a move towards more realistic games. This isn’t just restricted to the high-end consoles, as games designed for use on other devices are also improving at a rapid rate.

If we look at the example of mobile games, we can see that hyper-casual games are currently dominating the market. While they offer simple gameplay, titles like Fun Strike 3D by Enrich Games, Train Taxi, and Human Runner 3D have raised the bar in terms of graphics recently.

A similar trend has been seen with online slots. A look at the SkyCity Casino reveals visually impressive games, such as Wild Spartans and Gold Rush, which convey a variety of genres and are far removed from the simple fruit and bells approach of the past.

As consumers increasingly move over to their smartphones to play games, the pressure is on developers to provide them with games that are easy to play on the smaller screen but still look as good as PC or console titles.

Unreal Engine 5

What Are They Saying About It?

Kim Libreri is the chief technology officer at Epic. He pointed out that next-generation machines are capable of offering a “quantum leap” for players, with UE5 adding a further advance of top of that.

Tim Sweeney is the CEO of Epic Games. He said that their solution will “make developers’ lives easier and more productive”. However, he also reminded us that developers could need some time to become fully fluent in it before they can expect to make the most of its capabilities.

He backed this up by stating how the revolutionary Gears of War was released almost a year after the Xbox 360 had been introduced. The idea is for developers to start to produce high-end games that look equally at home on cutting-edge consoles or PCs and all the way down to smartphones.

In this way, it would mean that games studios would be free to concentrate on their new ideas, rather than focusing too much on the issues around scalability. We will need to wait a while to see the first games created using UE5, but it looks as though it will be worth the wait, if the demo is anything to go by.

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