Epic Games Store Reveals Two Free Games for July 20

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Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store continues to delight gamers with its free game offerings, and July 13 marked the release of yet another exciting title. However, the store doesn’t keep us waiting for long, as it also revealed what fans can expect on July 20: Murder By Numbers and The Elder Scrolls Online. It’s worth noting that GRIME, the combination of horror, Metroidvania, and Soulslike genres, is no longer available for grabs on the Epic Games Store at the time of writing. But fear not, as Train Valley 2, the free game for July 13, is still up for grabs.

On July 20, Train Valley 2 will make way for Murder By Numbers and The Elder Scrolls Online, following the store’s usual pattern of weekly rotations on Thursdays. While Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus also offer their fair share of surprises and reliable releases, it is the Epic Games Store’s weekly nature that truly sets it apart. The anticipation for both the current week’s title, Train Valley 2, and the upcoming releases on July 20 keeps the excitement alive for avid gamers.

Starting from July 20 at 10 am CT and until July 27 at the same time, Murder By Numbers and The Elder Scrolls Online will be available for players to enjoy. Murder By Numbers is an indie adventure puzzle game set in the vibrant city of Los Angeles in 1996. Players assume the role of Honor Mizrahi, who finds herself entangled in a murder mystery after her boss is found dead shortly after her dismissal. Teaming up with SCOUT, a witty robot, players embark on an investigation into a series of murders connected to a dark and grand conspiracy. On the other hand, The Elder Scrolls Online needs no introduction as a massive multiplayer online game that grants players the freedom to explore various regions of the vast and rich world of Tamriel, assuming any role they desire.

Let’s recap the Epic Games Store free game list for July 13 and July 20:

  • Train Valley 2: Available from July 13 to July 20.
  • Murder By Numbers: Available from July 20 to July 27.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Available from July 20 to July 27.

For those who haven’t claimed Train Valley 2 yet, fear not, as you still have until July 20 to add it to your library. Although it caters to a niche audience of train and simulation game enthusiasts, Train Valley 2 promises a delightful experience with its combination of train management, tycoon-style gameplay, and engaging puzzle-solving mechanics. Moreover, the game is complemented by achievements, DLC add-ons, and more. And remember, even if Train Valley 2 doesn’t pique your interest, you can always look forward to the next rotation in a week’s time.

The Epic Games Store truly showcases a remarkable variety of games. From the challenging and atmospheric Grime to the strategic train tycoon experience of Train Valley 2, and from the intriguing murder mystery in Murder by Numbers to the vast and immersive world of The Elder Scrolls Online, there seems to be something for everyone in the past few weeks’ free game offerings.

Epic Games Store users are fortunate enough to receive a handful of free games every month, adding more value to their gaming experiences.

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