Epic Games Store Will Offer Free Games In 2022

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Epic Games

Epic has released stats on the 2021 performance of the Epic Games Store and its goals for the year 2022. For those of you who browse the store to see if there are free games available, the best news is that Epic plans to continue giving out a regular selection of free games this year as well.

2021’s choice of free games saw some intriguing numbers recorded by the company, such as the 89 games being worth $2,120 in total and multiple peak simultaneous user records for 76 of these games being broken on PC. In total, over 765 million free games were taken by players.

Other impressive stats include a collective 6.2 billion hours being spent in-game through EGS, a 14% increase year-on-year on items sold during the annual holiday sale–over 159 million items to be exact–and over 194 million Epic Games Store PC users being registered in 2021, an accumulation of 34 million people when compared to 2020. You can check out all the numbers on Epic’s blog.

As for the future of EGS, Epic plans to further flesh out player profiles after introducing Epic Achievements in 2021. Library and download management is one of the store’s top priorities, there’ll be more options to help you arrange your library, and an option to organize and queue selected games for downloads. Other upcoming features include:

  • Continued iteration on social features including voice on the platform with game-agnostic parties.
  • Community features start with user-driven ratings and polls.
  • Game Hubs to stay up to date on game updates and news from publishers on the games you own or follow.
  • Expanding Epic Wallet to the rest of the world.
  • Continued improvements to launcher speed and performance.

Epic has been tweaking its store since it was released in 2018. Features such as Spotify integration and mod support were added, and timed-exclusivity deals were made for some of the greatest games of the year to emerge on that platform.

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