Esports And Skateboarding Collaborate In Next SKATER XL Competition

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Easy Day Studios is about to host a unique esports event that will be held in partnership with the real-world Tampa Pro skateboarding competition! With the release of the first-ever Skater XL Tampa Pro Esports Contest and following their dedication to expression and innovation, this will be the first time an esports contest will take place alongside a traditional skateboarding contest. Plus, it helps that the Tampa Pro skateboarding contest is the world’s most respected and longest-running skateboarding contest.

The Skater XL Tampa Pro Esports Contest will be live-streamed on the official Skater XL Twitch Channel on May 7th. All admissions for consideration are expected by midnight PST on Tuesday, April 19th. This will be the second esports event Skater XL has held in 2022 alone, with the last one featuring the Oshawa Arena.

They will also be releasing the new variant of Skatepark of Tampa to be used for the competition on April 25th. The park will come with new elements featured in the updated pro course at the 28th Annual Tampa Pro competition including course artwork by renowned skate artist Lucas Beaufort.

Skater XL is available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It was released to a positive reception and since has been delivering new content and events for both players and fans to enjoy.

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