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In recent years, technology has improved online gaming to the extent that many games have broken the line between reality and fantasy. Now games are not only used for mass entertainment, but also for education in different fields. Mobile game technology is regarded in the current scenario as one of the biggest drivers in the industry. Gaming has undergone a lot of technological changes. The gaming industry has made progress beyond imagination, from the development of electronic games to the era of Arcade Games. 5G services should further reduce data transmission costs and improve the overall gaming industry experience.

Esports has grown in popularity around the world. People are more and more engaged with the world of electronic sports including playing online Esports themselves, placing bets on competitive Esports, and watching online Esports. For a multitude of reasons, people have turned to online Sports and online sports betting as one of the premier forms of entertainment. So where has growth taken place around the world and what are people’s favorite games in different countries?   


1. Esports in Great Britain

In Great Britain, the East Sports sector has already grown almost 9% each year. Over 1,200 jobs are being created because of growth in this industry. In Great Britain, a single Esports International Event can generate 238 full-time jobs and bring with it 12 million British pounds into the eSports sector. Fans in Great Britain love following large Global tournaments whether they are held in the UK or not. At the Grassroots level, there are still lots of local tournaments that bring about impressive fans, support, and Prophets.


2. Esports in USA

Across the United States, Esports has grown significantly. It is expected that the number of live game streaming audience members will, within the next two years, reach over 920 million people. There are expectations for profits to increase almost 15% over the next year reaching over 1 billion dollars in the United States alone by the end of 2021. Why so much growth? Because over the last year alone during lockdown there was a 50% increase in participation and support for Esports in America.  In the United States, people began playing Esports more than ever before and watching competitions. Online competitions and electronics Sports were some of the only viable sporting options during the pandemic which resulted in a significant increase in not only participation but viewership. And it seems that those viewers and participants are here to stay. They will not be dropping off once regular sports activities resume, because regular sports activities have started to pick up in small doses around America and people are still sticking with their favorite online games.


3. Esports in India

In India, there are over 1 million players divided across 60,000 esport teams. Esports has become a profession, particularly for young players.  Growth in 2021 was projected to reach 78% by 2025. India brings in over 1 billion dollars in revenue from Esports with multiple game developers joining the industry and heavily investing in Eastport competitions like the local PUBG mobile India Series in Mumbai. participation in Esports throughout India not only includes playing games like Counter-Strike or Dota 2 but placing bets on different Esports and competitions. Esports betting online has quickly become a wonderful pastime for those who are not playing in the competitions but still want to be a part of them. In fact, placing bets on online Esports has become just as popular as participation in online Esports particularly during the lockdown when people were unable to follow their favorite physical sports teams and instead turned to online sports teams.


4. Australia’s Esports

In Australia gaming 4 Esports has grown 7.5% annually and it is projected that it will increase in revenue by over three billion dollars in the next few years. Within the next five years, it is projected to reach over 8 million dollars. The growth seen in places like Australia includes players who are actively participating on teams, players who compete in local and international competitions individually, as well as players who placed bets on the sporting events where they are not actively participating but they are watching and supporting their favorite teams.

5. Canada’s Esports

In Canada, Esports are growing significantly with revenue projected to surpass 1.5 billion dollars. Canada has been holding its own when it comes to Esports competitions around the world for many years. In the Overwatch World Cup, Team Canada earned second place in 2017. A player in 2018 from Canada became the first female to win a Starcraft 2 competition in Pyeongchang.

There are several teams and organizations throughout major areas of Canada like the Vancouver Titans and the Toronto Defiant who participate in the Overwatch League. Esports organizations in Canada are leaders when it comes to International Online Sports. The model used in Canada has seen significant growth and investment in infrastructure like a 7000-seat East Sports venue in Toronto where International competitions can take place. Vancouver and Toronto are the leading cities for Esports in Canada and continue to help Canada compete on an international level.

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