eSports Tournament Coming to New York This Fall

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Let us now return to the main thing we wish to reveal through this post. This year has seen an abundance of spectacular tournaments. However, to point readers on the right path, we’ve compiled a list of the year’s most crucial esports tournaments to be held or likely to be held in New York this fall.


The World Championship of League of Legends 2022

In 2011, Riot Games launched the first official League of Legends: World Championship. Till now, this popular esports league has taken place yearly in several different locations across the world. The World Championship is the ultimate tournament for League of Legends. The 12th edition of the game will take place in 2022, with events in New York City, Mexico City, San Francisco, and Toronto. Here, twelve teams from all over the world battle for the title of League of Legends world champion. Twenty-four teams from twelve professional leagues of Riot Games compete over a month. The 29th of September will mark the beginning of Worlds 2022 in Mexico City, while the 5th of November will see the tournament’s finale in San Francisco.


DOTA 2 International

When it comes to mobile gaming, Dota 2 is the best pick. Valve first held the championship in August of 2011, quickly gaining popularity. It is the last stop on the Dota Pro Circuit before the winning teams move on to compete internationally. The $40,000,000 prize money makes this event extremely desirable to anyone with even a passing interest in eSports. Twenty teams have signed up for the tournament this year, and everyone is eager to see who comes out on top.

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Valorant: The Championship Tour

Valorant is a worldwide tournament in eSports that quickly rose to prominence after its inaugural event. Riot Games launched this eSport in 2021; ever since first-person shooter games have become highly prevalent. The tournament’s first edition occurred in Berlin, Germany, in December 2021. Although its precise venue for the 2022 season is unknown, gaming enthusiasts in New York expect it to take place online and offline at different times. Players are testy for the season of Valorant to begin after hearing that the prize money will likely be $30,000.


CS: GO Blast Premier

This eSports tournament debuted in 2020 but has already attracted much attention worldwide. Blast Premier, formerly the Blast Pro Series, CS: GO, is a major international gaming tournament. Europe and North America have historically hosted numerous gaming tournaments. This year, the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams will compete for $2,475,000 in prize money. In the same way, as the spring second leg kicked off in January, the World Final is anticipated to launch in December. You shouldn’t miss it for the world.


Apex Legends Global Series

In 2020, soon after Respawn Entertainment launched Apex Legends, the Global Series also came into the scene. This global series is noteworthy in that it pairs novices against seasoned veterans from all across the world. In its second season, the 2021–2022 worldwide series will offer a prize pool of approximately $5,000,000. All participants anticipate the tournament as it provides a level playing field for established and upcoming teams. The season premiered in September of 2021, while Respawn Entertainment scheduled the finale for July next year. Additionally, viewers are interested in seeing which team takes the trophy and the most cash home.

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LCS 2022 Championships

For professional players, the LCS Championships are a must-attend. This eSports tournament will determine who will represent North America at the World Championship. North America’s highest tier of the competitive play takes place in the League Championship Series (LCS). In 2016, participants assembled at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, for the championship. It is returning to North America in Fall 2022.

Although eSports took some time to gain mainstream acceptance, it is now widely considered a legitimate vocation. As the rage of eSports continues to rise in New York, avid gamers should not miss out on the tournaments listed above.

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