Essential Just Teased a ‘Radical’ Extra-Long Phone on Twitter

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After releasing the Essential Phone – a beautiful device that was troubled by faulty software but has developed significantly over time – Android’s creator has been very quiet. The phone’s original replacement was nixed, but now we have the first evidence the company does really have another phone coming our way, dubbed Project GEM.

First Andy Rubin tweeted some radical no-context images today – his first non-reply tweet since responding to a New York Times report about alleged sexual misconduct. In the new tweets he revealed the new devices with what seems to be the longest aspect ratio we’ve seen on a smartphone, as well as a different new UI:

The company sent out a more official tweet:

it is not really clear if the device actually even runs Android. It’s hard to believe Rubin is moving away from the OS he helped create – especially after the Essential Phone made a significant deal out of giving a ‘pure’ Android experience, but the new UI is clearly different from anything we’ve seen. Perhaps a new skin was needed to accommodate the strange shape. But at least we know it runs Spotify, I think so.

It’s a bizarre design, but you know what? I love it. Phones all look the same nowadays and comes with almost same tech something has to change, and between this and the Surface Duo, it’s nice to see new form shapes emerge. It’s certainly not the most perfect shape for viewing images or videos, but it could make for good multi-tasking for working two apps side by side. I’m sure Essential has some logic for the unusual shape.



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