EVE ONLINE Content Roadmap For 2023 Revealed!

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CCP Games unveiled their 12-month development roadmap for the famous spacefaring MMO EVE Online to celebrate the MMO’s 20th anniversary! Their plans contain 2 new expansions and the release of Microsoft Excel integration in May. They will also be having a Lunar New Year event celebration launching Jan 19 alongside Chinese support outside Mainland China on the Tranquility Server.

These expansions are certainly something to look forward to. Building on the dynamic narrative from the Uprising expansion, the upcoming content available will deliver fresh storylines and new features around New Eden. Starting with the Direct Enlistment feature launching Q1 2023, players will be able to seamlessly join Factional Warfare events without leaving their friends. Additional updates to the EVE Evolved initiative and the factional warfare system will also be available in the future.

Finally, great news for the diehard number crunchers! EVE Online players with an Omega subscription can import data from EVE’s API into Microsoft Excel using a native excel plugin. This collaboration with Microsoft will come to completion in May, but pilots can apply to participate in the closed beta at the end of January.

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