EVE Online Reveals Uprising Expansion’s New Ships and Release Date

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EVE Uprising

EVE Online is preparing to launch its next expansion, Uprising, which will concentrate on new narrative developments for the game world and highlight the impact of the game’s faction wars content. The Uprising expansion will come with a variety of new features to EVE Online such as custom heraldry for player ships, significant changes to factional warfare and its rewards, revamped Upwell hangar visuals, and a lot more.

For nearly 20 years, Icelandic developer CCP’s EVE Online has occupied a special space in the MMORPG market. The New Eden star cluster where the game takes place is home to thousands of gamers operating a fully player-driven economy where players handle the mining and processing of raw materials, the manufacture of parts, the assembly of tools and ships, and the distribution of goods from place to place. As an online game, it’s vital that the game is enhanced regularly with updates and expansions to keep things fresh for players, and the new Uprising expansion coming November 8 aims to do exactly that.

Coming with the Uprising expansion is a collection of 16 new ships in EVE Online, all of which are Navy or Fleet Issue variants of classic ships in the roster. While this may be disappointing for those who hoped to see some new models in the game, it does provide an opportunity for players to enjoy more attractive versions of their favorite ships. The four empires have each added a ship in the frigate, battlecruiser, destroyer, and dreadnaught classes. Some of these revamped ships include the Caldari Phoenix Navy Issue dreadnought, the Gallente Catalyst Navy Issue destroyer, the Minmatar Cyclone Fleet Issue battlecruiser, and the Amarr Magnate Navy Issue frigate.

The Uprising expansion will be narrative-driven and focused on the increasing tensions between New Eden’s four empires. The faction wars system has received a number of major improvements and features to reflect this, particularly a Frontlines system that aims to drive conflict between the factions by incentivizing players to be closer together rather than avoiding battle. A new Advantage system takes the faction war further, giving players the opportunity to contribute to their chosen faction by completing supply missions or winning in Battlefield complexes and other tasks. Similar to earlier major EVE Online updates this year, Uprising will also make a number of balance changes across the board.

With new systems to play around with and an extended list of ships coming to New Eden, players will no doubt be training their EVE Online spreadsheets for new data as the result of this expansion start to affect the economy and the narrative reshapes the game world once more.

EVE Online is available on PC.

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